Let's Get Active!

Week 3 of our Rosedene Day Nurseries Holiday Club is all about getting our children active! We constantly encourage our little ones to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air and looking after the health and fitness at the same time. This week is about getting rid of the games consoles and getting back into sports!


The NHS and World Health Organisation recommend that children exercise at least a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per day, ranging from cycling or playground activity to running or playing tennis. Not only is physical activity good for the development of the body, but it makes the brain work better too. Brain structure grows as our children get fitter. 

During our Let's Get Active the children will be taking part in lots of healthy competition. They will also be improving their team working skills, coordination and balance abilities. 

Day 1 - Obstacle Course....

For the first day of Let's Get Active, the children will be building and tackling their own obstacle courses. They will be provided with a wide range of materials and challenged to create a exciting course to conquer!  

Day 2 - Rosedene Olympics....

This day is all about the Olympics. The children will learn all about our Olympic Heroes and take part in a wide variety of Olympic challenges. There will be prizes up for grabs!

Day 3 - Wet & Wild....

For Day 3 of Let's Get Active, the children will be let loose with lots of water based activities. From water fights to slip and slides and sprinklers not even the staff will be able to keep dry!! 

Day 4 - Medal Mayhem....

This day is all about preparing for the finale of the week, Sports Day! The children will be making trophies and medals ready for presentation on the day and also baking treats for the parents to enjoy from the sidelines.

Day 5 - Sports Day....

The final day of Let's Get Active is a big one! A traditional Sports Day celebration and all parents are invited! 

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