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Week 4 of our Rosedene Day Nurseries Holiday Club is all about looking after our children's Health & Wellbeing. The schedule has a balanced mix of safety, healthcare and mindfulness teaching our children how important it is to look after themselves in order to lead a full and happy life. 


One of the most important lessons that we can teach our children is how to take care of themselves. Children need to learn to be self-sufficient, responsible and confident so that they can be allowed to independently explore their worlds while staying safe. Children are remarkably quick to learn new things, and once they are challenged to be more self-reliant you’ll be amazed at what they can accomplish on their own.

During our Health & Wellbeing week our children will be learning important aspects of First Aid including what to do in an emergency, fire and road safety and the key to a balanced diet. All hugely important lessons for our little ones as they are growing up. 

Day 1 - Yoga & Mindfulness....

For the first day of Health & Wellbeing, the children will be exploring different ways to relax. They will be trying out Yoga and Meditation and exploring the benefits of a calming environment. 

Day 2 - First Aid...

This day is all about the First Aid for children. They will be taking part in a First Aid class and learning what to do in an emergency. 

Day 3 - Road Safety....

For Day 3 of Health & Wellbeing the children will be exploring Road Safety. It is vital that our children are aware of the dangers on the road and how to keep themselves safe from danger. 

Day 4 - Fire Safety....

This day focuses on Fire Safety. The children will be learning all about fire, the fire triangle and what to do in the case of a fire. Safety is first and foremost this week and fire is always a danger to our children. 

Day 5 - Healthy Eating....

The final day of Health & Wellbeing is all about our children's diets. They will be learning what it takes to have a balanced diet and also trying out some super healthy recipes, from smoothies to full meals we will have some future chefs in training!

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